Global Positioning System (GPS)

Global Positioning System (GPS) is an integral part of todayís surveying practice. From construction staking to GIS data collection, GPS is widely used in many areas. With the aid of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS), GPS technology has become a tool used to establish control networks, collect topographic features, monitor structure displacements, and provide construction references.

Dynasty Group, Inc. has more than ten years experience using GPS technology. Using various techniques, we tie most of our projects to the State Plane Coordinate System. For sizeable projects, our firm typically takes the hybrid approach to establish horizontal controls by using both GPS and total stations. The observations collected with both technologies are analyzed and adjusted simultaneously so that the same order of accuracy is achieved among all prime controls for the project, regardless of which device was chosen to occupy a control point.

Understanding GPS technology is the key to a complete and successful project. A surveyor must possess certain knowledge and experience, from GDOP to project planes, from grid coordinate to ground coordinate, and from fast-static to real-time kinematic GPS surveys in order to deliver sound results. Moreover, itís also important to understand the areas of the technology being applied. For example, most construction is performed on the ground and layout crews will take measurements on the surface of earth. Therefore, it is critical to note if the published GPS coordinates are projected on the ground or at grid level. Projection on the ground or to the grid level, in conjunction with US survey foot or international foot, is another area where mistakes often occur when using GPS technology in surveying.

Combining GPS technology with total stations, 3D Laser Scanners and/or Laser Rangers, numerous innovative techniques can be utilized for efficient and accurate data collection tasks.

Dynasty Group, Inc. has the latest Leica GPS equipment and they can be configured in many ways to satisfy the needs of any project. The data collected is analyzed in Leica Geo-Office or Star Net software.

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