Mobile Laser Scanning

Mobile Laser Scanning is a technology that uses laser scanners in conjunction with a GPS inertial navigation system to produce accurate and precise geospatial data from a moving vehicle platform. Typical rover platforms include commercial vans, pick-up trucks, Hi-Rail vehicles, boats, and others. Mobile Laser Scanning technology allows fast and cost-effective data acquisition even in areas not easily accessible using traditional methods of data collection, providing a whole new perspective to surveying and data collection.

Since 2001, Dynasty Group, Inc. has been applying terrestrial technology on many architectural and engineering projects. With our strong background in surveying, the firm has successfully used 3D Laser Scanning Technology in the following areas:

  • Transportation Engineering
  • Building and Site Development
  • Historic Documentation
  • Municipal Facilities
  • Industrial Plants
Dynasty Group has established its leading position in providing Mobile Laser Scanning services. Coupled with our knowledge and expertise in architecture, engineering, and building information modeling, we are confident our solutions will meet your design and engineering needs.

There are many challenges is using 3D Laser Scanning Technology on large objects. One of them is the ability to register the scans together. To scan a building, it usually takes several scans to several hundred scans to cover the project area. The accuracy of each scan is limited by the type of scanner, usually dictated by the manufacturer. However, the accuracy of the whole project depends on the operatorsí proficiency in collecting and processing the data.

The Dynasty Group Mobile Scanner is customed for each project and consists of up to 34 lasers in three different scanners, all capturing a virtual 360 degree environment with dense, accurate point clouds. The position and orientation of the scanners are simultaneously captured at high frequency with an onboard Inertial Navigation System (INS) consisting of aerospace-grade gyroscope, accelerometer, and GPS receiver.

During post-processing inertial alignment, the point cloud data is merged with the kinematic solutions to produce an accurate 3D model. These 3D models enable Dynasty Group to survey, capture, and create designs of the highest accuracy and complexity on the desktop PC.

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