3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning is a technology that captures real scenery into a 3D virtual word. This technology has been widely used in reverse engineering and quality inspection. The application of this technology on large objects, such as buildings and bridges, provides a whole new perspective to surveying and data collection.

Since 2001, Dynasty Group, Inc. has been researching and applying this technology on many architectural and engineering projects. With our strong background in surveying, the firm has successfully used 3D Laser Scanning Technology in the following areas:

  • Transportation Engineering
  • Building and Site Development/Historic Documentation
  • Municipal Facilities
  • Industrial Plants
3D Laser Scanning Technology uses Laser Triangulation, a precise method of 3D data acquisition. A laser beam is deflected from a mirror onto the scanning object. The object scatters the light, which is then collected by a sensor located at a known triangulation distance from the laser. Using trigonometry, 3D spatial (XYZ) coordinates of surface points are calculated. With motors rotating the scanner horizontally and the mirror vertically, the 3D laser scanner records thousands of points per second. This is referred to as a point cloud.

There are many challenges is using 3D Laser Scanning Technology on large objects. One of them is the ability to register the scans together. To scan a building, it usually takes several scans to several hundred scans to cover the project area. The accuracy of each scan is limited by the type of scanner, usually dictated by the manufacturer. However, the accuracy of the whole project depends on the operatorsí proficiency in collecting and processing the data.

Dynasty Group, Inc. has established its leading position in providing 3D Laser Scanning services. This is not only based on our knowledge and experience in 3D Laser Scanning, but also on our expertise in architecture, engineering, building information modeling, and the innovative approach we take to manage our projects.

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