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Dynasty Group, Inc. offers support services for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geographic Information System (GIS) developments. Information is power. BIM and GIS systems bear essential information to make sound decisions. Accurate information comes from reliable data and its derivatives.

Data collection is one of the most important tasks in developing BIM and/or GIS systems. The data usually includes spatial data and attribute data. Spatial data is typically collected with various tools of measurement, i.e., tape, GPS, total station, 3D laser scanner, hand-held scanner and laser tracker. Dimensional control (control surveying) method is critical to registering all measurements into one uniform coordinate system. For some projects, large data set is often segmented into smaller sets in order for a computer system to process. Dimensional control provides the spatial relationship among the segmented data sets. Moreover, dimensional control also provides the means to geo-reference the project to any established grid, such as latitude and longitude, state plane coordinate system and sectionalized land system.

Attribute data is the "intelligence" of BIM/GIS systems. By associating attribute data, such as cost, service life, and current condition of building components to 2D/3D objects, the "smart" model becomes valuable information to be used in facility management, planning and construction. Attribute data is collected through record research, interviewing with experienced personnel and direct observation. After being collected, attribute data needs to be reduced, analyzed and organized before it can be used to populate databases and be associated with spatial objects.

The right tools can only be effective in the capable hands. The engineers, surveyors and technical staff at Dynasty Group are experienced in collecting and manipulating data and generating useful information through many techniques to support the development of fully functional BIM and GIS systems.

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