Construction Engineering

Dynasty Group, Inc. provides construction engineering services that are applicable to a wide range of construction related activities. Our engineers perform typical construction engineering tasks, such as verifying compliance of constructed work with plans and specifications, reviewing product submittals and shop drawings, and calculating material quantities. We can also assist the project owner in managing their construction materials QA/QC program, reviewing and approving pay estimates and maintaining compliance with permit requirements.

Utilizing construction engineering services is beneficial to a project because it increases the quality of the constructed work, increases the safety of the people who construct and use the project, and enables accurate documentation of the built work. Through inspection of materials and observation of construction procedures, construction engineers help ensure that a project is built to meet the standards specified in the plans. Comprehensive documentation throughout construction creates a collection of information that repeatedly proves invaluable during the operation, maintenance, rehabilitation and expansion of a project. Above all, a properly built project can be used as intended without trepidation for the safety of the public.

Dynasty Group construction engineers are knowledgeable about and have completed training in construction related inspection and administration practices. By offering a full complement of construction engineering services, Dynasty Group can provide the client a continuous presence on the job site, from the first turn of the shovel to project closeout.

Dynasty Group is prequalified by the Illinois Department of Transportation in the specialization category of Construction Inspection.

Quantity Calculation
Field Engineering
Materials QA/QC
Shop Drawing Review
Pay Estimate Review
Project Closeout
Intersections/Traffic Signals
Site Development/Buildings
Historic Preservation
Airports/Transit Facilities
Utility Systems
Storm Water Management Systems
 Design Engineering
 Construction Engineering
 Nondestructive Testing
 BIM/GIS Support
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