Dynasty Group, Inc. offers a full complement of surveying services for design and construction, including topographic, legal and construction surveys. These services can be applied to a wide range of project types and are scalable in size and complexity, from quarter acre lots to miles of highway and parking lots to process plant piping systems.

Topographic surveys are key instruments in the design and construction of projects and can be rendered useless if the data presented on them is incomplete or depicted inaccurately. When site features are correctly located on a survey, engineers can properly address them during project design. Legal surveys, used to define the boundary of property and rightof- way, require precise field work and thorough research of record documents in order for the land surveyor to establish accurate property lines. A plat of survey must illustrate in a clear and concise manner the boundary defined by the description and any encumbrances to the property. Construction surveys facilitate the construction of projects and documentation of their built condition. They translate the design from two-dimensional drawings to the real world, and are used to check the compliance of work with design specifications. They also document the location and quantity of materials used to construct the project.

Dynasty Group survey crews are experienced in the application of conventional and 3D laser scanning survey methods. Conventional methods are supplemented with laser scanning when project conditions require us to obtain high density amounts of data efficiently (piping systems), collect data safely in high hazard zones (highways), and collect data quickly in areas with limited access (airport runways).

Dynasty Group is prequalified by the Illinois Department of Transportation in the specialization categories of Route Surveying and Land Surveying.

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