Mobile Video Documentation

Mobile Video Documentation is a technology that uses high resolution, high dynamic range imaging sensors in conjunction with GPS systems to capture immersive photo documentations from a moving vehicle platform. Typical rover platforms include roadway vehicles, Hi-Rail vehicles, boats, and others. The Mobile Video technology allows fast and cost-effective imagery capture with convenient playback for engineering and design, providing a whole new perspective to surveying and data collection.

Dynasty Group, Inc. has been a leader in using technology on many architectural and engineering projects including:

  • 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner
  • 3D Mobile Laser System
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
Dynasty Group has established itself as the leader in providing Mobile Video Documentation services. Coupled with our knowledge and expertise in architecture, engineering, and building information modeling, we are confident our solutions will meet your design and engineering needs.

The Dynasty Group Mobile Video Documentation System consists of wide spectrum silicon imaging sensors, ultra high definition resolutions, up to 360 degree panoramic coverage, and high-accuracy GPS positioning. The system can be adapted to various platforms and capture environments in order to meet project specific needs.

The data captured is further processed for GPS refinements, video processing, and video-to-map processing. In GPS refinements, the position data is post-processed using techniques including base correction, precise orbital data, and control adjustments.

Next, the ultra high-resolution videos streams are recoded into various lengths and levels of resolutions. This produces multiple video streams which allows for seamless playback and zooming.

Finally, the GPS positioning and videos are merged in a video-to-map process, producing a web-based platform with the ability to playback videos using location, time, and live zooming.

Panoramic Photos
Dynasty Group is a Google Street View Trusted Partner. Using still images from the spherical camera, Dynasty Group can produce high quality panoramas for use in Google Street View. Dynasty Group is also available to shoot indoor business and facility panoramas. Please contact us for more information about any panoramic imaging services.

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