Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground penetrating radar is a nondestructive test method, which involves the transmission and reflection of electromagnetic waves into the structure or material. The principal of surface penetrating or ground penetrating radar is analogous to pulse echo ultrasonic techniques, except that it uses electromagnetic instead of acoustic waves.

The GPR test method is commonly used to: estimate the thickness of concrete members and multi-layer systems, locate embedded reinforcement and underground utilities, measure concrete cover thickness, locate moisture variations, locate voids and delineate its size, locate honeycombing, cracking, and delaminations in concrete.

GPR is also used to investigate other construction materials such as stone and masonry. It is very effective in determining the grout conditions of CMU wall systems.


  • One-sided method
  • Continuous collection of the data
  • Portable system
  • Produce 3D views of processed data
  • No risk of radiation
  • In some cases, data can be collected with vehicle-mounted antennas
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