Citibank Branch Bank Projects
Shorewood, IL, Oswego , IL, & Hoffman Estates, IL
Dynasty Group, Inc. provided site engineering services for the design of grading, paving, utility mains and services, stormwater management system and area lighting for three new branch bank facilities in multiple locations.  Projects were located on 1.0 to 1.5 acre commercial center outlots.  The Hoffman Estates project required a 150-foot extension of public water main and the Oswego project required a 600-foot water main extension.  Approval for the extension of the water main was obtained from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.  All projects required approval from the regulating water reclamation district for connection of sanitary sewer services to the public sewer main.  Dynasty Group, Inc. also provided survey services to the client to generate a current topographic survey of the project site.
Equipment Maintenance Facility
112th St. & Torrence Ave.
Chicago, Illinois
Dynasty Group, Inc. provided site engineering services for the design of grading, paving, and utilities for an equipment maintenance building and a storage yard facility which combined the operations of three existing local facilities onto a single 50-acre parcel and centralized regional operations for repair of heavy vehicle construction equipment.  Twenty thousand square feet of office space was also provided for administrative services and work & safety training.  Dynasty Group, Inc. designed a two-stage stormwater management system that employed the use of vegetated swales and basins to detain over 8 acre-feet of water for water quality purposes before it was discharged into the Calumet River.  Over 500 feet of public water main and 1,400 feet of public sanitary sewer main were extended to serve the site.  Dynasty Group, Inc. also provided survey services to the client to generate a current topographic survey of the project site.
I-80/94 from IL 394 to U.S. 41
Illinois Department of Transportation
Cook County, IL
As a subconsultant for Knight Engineers & Architects, Dynasty Group, Inc. provided Construction Engineering Services that included the inspection of constructed works to determine compliance with contract drawings and specifications, quantification of materials used in constructing the work, and assisting the resident engineer in assuring the quality and proper documentation of the constructed work.  This area spanned from just south of 159th St. to Thornton-Lansing Road.
Phase III Construction Inspection Services - IDOT District Two
Illinois Department of Transportation
District Two
Dynasty Group, Inc. is providing Phase III construction-engineering services to assist the department resident engineers and technicians on various construction projects throughout District 2.   The project consists of the following: patching, resurfacing, bridge repair, bridge rehabilitation, bridge replacement, widening, vertical/horizontal realignment, and new roadway projects.
Martin Luther King Junior Drive
City of Chicago, Department of Transportation
35th Street to 51st Street, Chicago, IL
Dynasty Group, Inc. is providing professional surveying services on Martin Luther King Junior Drive from 35th Street to 51st Street.  This work includes establishing horizontal and vertical controls, referencing City aerials with tie-in state plan coordinates, performing topographical surveying, establishing cross sections, establishing a survey baseline, and preparing survey CADD drawings in Microstation.
Lane Tech Stadium Survey
Globetrotters Engineering Corporation
Chicago, IL
Dynasty Group, Inc., as a subconsultant to Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, is providing professional surveying services for the improvement to Lane Tech Stadium.  This job consisted of establishing property lines, boundary lines, and locating existing corner markers, benchmarks, streets, utilities, and structures.
CTA Blue Line Rehabilitation
Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago, IL
Dynasty Group, Inc. developed the construction staging and duration schedule for 30 percent of the design development phase.  Dynasty Group, Inc. was involved in almost every step of the design process including site visits, interviews/discussions with CTA personnel, and feasibility studies for each construction stage.  Dynasty Group, Inc. also provided 3D laser scanning services to document the existing conditions and provide three-dimensional data for the design and construction of the CTA Blue Line so station closures were minimal.
I-294 Tollway Plaza 21
Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
DuPage County, IL
Dynasty Group, Inc. provided 3D laser scanning services at Plaza 21 toll collection facility.  These services consisted of collecting HDS data along the edge of pavement at 50-foot intervals, from the top canopy to the pavement surface, and on both the north and south sides of the toll collection lanes.  Then the data was taken and placed in precision parameters to produce a 3-dimensional CADD model whereby the accuracy of measurement extracted would be within a 1/4 of a inch in any direction.
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Cicero Survey
Cicero, IL
After completing the internet based safety orientation at, Dynasty Group, Inc. provided professional engineering services which included a horizontal survey of aboveground features and underground utilities in the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Cicero Yard.  Underground storm and sanitary sewer inverts were located vertically.  Dynasty Group, Inc. performed the horizontal and vertical surveys using Total Station.  The final elevations that were taken were derived from a rod and level survey.  These surveys were tied to site datum.  Dynasty Group, Inc. also established both horizontal and vertical benchmarks, while collecting data in tabular form.  Finally, Dynasty Group, Inc. surveyed the results electronically using AutoCAD software.
CTA Red Line Aesthetic Improvements
Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago, IL
Dynasty Group, Inc. was contracted by the City of Chicago's Department of Transportation to provide professional surveying services for the renovations their downtown subway stations.  The services provided by Dynasty Group, Inc. included establishing horizontal and vertical controls; collecting all topographic features; taking cross sections at 50 foot intervals; surveying, researching, and establishing the CTA's existing right-of-way; researching existing utilities; preparing existing conditions and utility basemaps; and preparing a plat of survey for the existing CTA right-of-way.
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 Nondestructive Testing
 BIM/GIS Support
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