May 2014 US 20 Award Announcement

Chicago IL Dynasty Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the 2014 Illinois Department of Transportation's DBE Consultant's Exceptional Service Award in the category of "The Rural Highway" for the Phase III engineering services it provided on the US 20 Freeport Bypass project, from west of Illinois 26 to Business Route 20 west of Freeport Illinois. The firm was nominated by IDOT District 2 staff.

Approximately six miles of roadway was constructed. The project consisted of a 3-span bridge over Jane Addams Trail and an 8-span bridge over the Pecatonica River built on confined compressible soils. Dynasty Group monitored and graphed the soil compression with settlement plates to insure desired settlement had been achieved. A frontage road was built south of US 20 for access control and improved safety. The project also provided tree and wetland mitigation to decrease environmental impacts.

For this project, Dynasty Group provided professional construction engineering services, which included: inspection and documentation of pay quantities, weekly reporting, daily quantities and field books entries, calculations, record drawings and quality assurance and quality control.

Dynasty Group's ability to work with IDOT in an efficient and effective manner provided the team necessary to successfully complete the project on-time and under budget.


April 2012 - Not A Typical Success Story

Dynasty Group, Inc. was featured in the April 2012 edition of "American Surveyor" magazine for its survey work on the Chicago Transit Authority's Dan Ryan Track Renewal Project. The article discusses the challenges of completing the survey work within the 2 month time frame to support the 30% design engineering schedule, while working around a live train operation, and using emerging technologies to create the project webpage. Please click here to read the entire article.


January 2012 - CyArk Signs MOU with Dunhuang Academy in China

Dynasty Group is pleased to announce that it successfully brought CyArk and Dunhuang Academy together to digitally preserve the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, China.

The caves represent one of the most important sites in China. They are a system of almost 500 temples in the oasis of Dunhuang, China and feature some of the finest examples of Buddhist art, spanning 1,000 years.

Dynasty Group, as CyArk’s partner in North America and China, has successfully undertaken the laser scanning of several of the caves since 2007. The Memorandum of Understanding, signed in November 2011, is only the beginning of the collaboration among Dunhuang Academy, Dynasty Group and CyArk. Dynasty Group is committed to delivering the highest quality laser scanning and data management services to better archive, understand and promote the Mogao Caves.The news release is also available on CyArk website.


October 2011 - Dynasty Group, Inc. was feature in the October 22011 Issue of POB

Dynasty Group, Inc. was featured in the October 2011 issue of Point of Beginning magazine. The issue featured a cover photo of One Museum Park, a high rise residential project in downtown Chicago in which Dynasty performed laser scanning services and an article entitled 7 Progressive Surveying Firms and What You Can Learn From Them, showcasing Dynasty as one of those firms. The article can be found at:


June 2011 - ACSYS Partnership

Dynasty Group has partnered with Acoustic Control Systems (ACSYS), a leading ultrasonic nondestructive testing instrument research and development firm based in Moscow, Russia. Among many products produced by ACSYS, the A1040 MIRA offers the latest state-of-the-art technology in concrete testing. The device allows engineers to take a MRI-like view of concrete structural components in a few seconds. Using the SAFT-C algorithm, the post- processed 3D images produced by the device identify flaws in concrete, such as delamination, voids, and honeycomb.


March 2011 - Pointools Partnership

Dynasty Group has been partnering with Pointools Ltd for the last two years. In addition to promoting its products, Dynasty Group also offers training on the software products. In October 2009, Bentley and Pointools signed a continuous technology transfer agreement to incorporate the Pointools Vortex Engine in Bentley Platform. The Pointools .pod file format can now be directly referenced into Bentley Microsattion V8i and other products. This allows architects and engineers the long awaited desktop access to the point cloud data. For several years now, Dynasty Group has been collecting point cloud data using the 3D laser scanning technology on many projects. The point cloud can be surveyed virtually to produce 2D survey drawings, viewed via Leica TruView and used to build 3D models.


July 2010 - Construction Inspection at Freeport, IL

Dynasty Group started construction inspection services at Freeport, IL on the US 20 Bypass project. Over the past 20 years, traffic on US 20 has doubled as more people discover and take advantage of tourism and recreational opportunities in northwestern Illinois. In order to reduce congestion and increase highway safety, Illinois Department of Transportation is widening US 20 to four lanes. The entire US 20 project covers nearly 50 miles from just west of Freeport to just north of Galena, Illinois.


October 2009

Dynasty Group, Inc. is a member of three separate teams awarded contracts by the U.S. General Services Administration to provide 3D Scanning services in various regions of the country.  The services will support facility design, renovation, preservation and BIM related activities planned by the GSA.


July 2008

Dynasty Group Inc., has recently purchased some of the most efficient and advanced laser scanners available in today's market. These phase-based laser scanners include the Leica HDS6000 and the FARO LS 880. With this new state-of-the-art technology, Dynasty Group, Inc. is now able to add high definition and resolution scans in areas of importance to their capabilities. Both types of scanners allow shorter scan times with higher definition scans. While the area captured with each scan is smaller than other scanners, the scan is actually taken quicker and is of higher definition; therefore, these scanners increase the quality and accuracy of each scan taken. In addition, the FARO LS 880 not only has the capability of capturing color scans with photo-like resolution, it also can take color photos with the help of an attached digital Nikon camera. These scanners help provide Dynasty Group Inc.'s clients with more efficient and accurate information, furthering their mission of providing quality and timely services.


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